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The most important thing in the world is experience. I give you or your company the opportunity to filter your ideas through my lens of 30 years of experience. So often I see businesses and individuals who just need a new prescription for their lens, they don't need new eyes. Or they need a second set of eyes to see where the real opportunity exists. 


When you buy my time, you are buying proven experience to catapult you to the next level. I offer a free 30-minute consult to learn about you and make sure that I believe I can catalyze your situation. If I do, we can agree on a fee that best fits your needs. 


Learn more about me and my fees below. 

Pat Dane is an executive and entrepreneur with a 30-year track record of identifying and launching greater than a dozen successful technology companies & products. Pat has consulted to major brands like Netflix, Symantec, Microsoft, eFax, HP, and Intel. Among his major accomplishments include the pioneering of virus updates that reside on greater than 1.5 billion computers worldwide, the development of the marketing channel resulting from the virtual registration of personal computers and consumer products with their manufacturers on greater than 8 billion products worldwide, and the launch of and use of a mouse, icons and ethernet networking at the Xerox PARC. Pat has significant proven experience on Capitol Hill and a LinkedIn 1st Connections network of 30,000 members.

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About Me

I refer to myself as a business catalyst vs a business coach. My focus is to help propel you to the next level not just coach you where you are. Let's face it, there is no shortage of coaches in the world today...you need a catalyst who can bring new leverage to every aspect of your goals. 

My Services

  1. Introductions
  2. Ideation
  3. PR Strategy
  4. Business Strategy



Ryan Carey Senior Business Development & Strategy Manager Microsoft Corp

. “I worked with Pat to include a consumer offer from MyPublicInfo with the Microsoft Money packaged product and always found Pat to be professional and prepared. He consistently generated useful ideas and presented them in a worthwhile manner that demonstrated keen attention to both companies’ needs and desires. I wish every partner was as attentive and forthright as Pat! Over time I’ve come to recognize and enjoy his energy, enthusiasm, and “can-do” attitude across a broad range challenges. His skills and talents are well polished; he offers insights and analysis most others don’t identify right away. Above all, he’s downright charming, generous with his time, and a delight to talk with on any subject. I look forward to working with Pat more in the future.

David Markus, Director Executive Recruiting, Symantec Corporation

I met and supported Pat while he was the founder of TuneUp.com. Pat has the highest energy of any business partner I have worked with. He is highly knowledgeable across a broad spectrum on technologies, and always has this infectious can-do attitude. I have found he truly cares about those with whom he aligns to engage in business.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc

. Suffice to say, Pat is strategic and acutely focused on results. His pedigree is world-class, and he has been most helpful to me as a CEO developing an early stage SaaS/cloud solution in predictive analytics at SalesChoice. He has been thoughtful, kind, supportive, and action oriented – all key coaching elements for a CEO who never has time to sleep much these days. I have…more

Spencer Snedecor, CEO, Ten X Consulting, LLC

I have known Pat Dane for 25 years- which in the IT sector is a very long time. He is a solid professional and a friend who shares ideas, exudes creativity and has endlessly amounts of energy. The entrepreneurial drive Pat has for creating new businesses around emerging technological trends and his enthusiasm for creating new ways to monetize these type technologies is…more

John McLaughlin, SVP Sales & Business Development at Polaris Health Directions, Inc.

I enjoyed working with Pat and learning his take on building businesses. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious to say the least. I respect for what Pat has accomplished throughout his working career and I have learned a great deal! I hold Pat in high esteem!

Roger Arthur Eon, Jr., EVP DelRay Marketing Direct

Pat Dane…….Where do I start? Pat is a tremendous businessman with creative and innovative visions that he brings to life. More importantly Pat is a super human being with a heart of gold, a friend, a mentor, a confidante and if you get a chance to do business or just say HELLO to Pat at a trade show, he will make an everlasting impression as a person and business guru. Pat cares, his integrity is second to none. he’s a proven winner that I am lucky to call a friend and colleague.?I highly recommend that if Pat Dane calls upon you to partner in a venture or business opportunity……Jump at the chance, he will not disappoint! 10 out of 10 Rating!less.

Robert Siciliano CSP, Personal Security and Identity Theft Expert

To survive in any endeavor one must have vision, depth and a whole lot of tenacity. Pat Dane is all those things along with being a great guy and consumate professional.??Pat and I worked on establishing brand recognition for MyPublicInfo and to that degree MPI has grown wonderfully and eventually achieved a Red Herring award.

Eric Enge, CEO at Stone Temple Consulting Corporation

I have worked with Pat over many, many years. He was fundamental to my getting started running a consulting business. Pat is a guy that comes up with a new idea a minute. His mind is always thinking, and he is always discovering new ways to help the consumer.


  1. $150  per hour
  2. $500 per month. Include 1 hour session per week.
  3. $1000 for business introductions
  4. $1000 per month to be on your Board of Directo

My career highlights

The Star Workstation – Dane was responsible for the Launch Xerox out of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) which led to introduction of the Mouse, Icons and Ethernet to the world in 1981 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerox_Star

DoveFax – Dane Conceptualized, developed and introduced the first Fax/Data Modem for the Mac which won MacWorld best of Show Award in 1990.

FaxGrabber – Dane Conceptualized, developed and introduced this software product which converted PC based faxes to a Microsoft Word document. This was 5 years before emailing a Word file was possible. At COMDEX 1991 Bill Gates demonstrated this product in his opening Keynote Address.

FaxWorks -Dane took over as the CEO position at SofNet in Atlanta and built FaxWorks for Windows, a PC software package which was distributed on PC’s out of the factory selling more than 2 Million units in 1993. Additionally, SofNet was the Number One product on most PC’s in 1993.

Pipeline Communications – Dane Founded this company which developed the first Electronic Registration Service on the Compaq Presario, a technology available on all PC’s, cell phones, washers and dryers and software today in 1994. This registration process is included in over 8 Billion devices worldwide in 2017.

Tuneup.com – Dane Founded, Conceptualized, developed and launched this service on the Internet. Tuneup.com was the first Software As A Service (SAAS) product. This service was like “driving” your PC electronically into a “jiffy lube” station on the internet. Partnered with Symantec who purchased the company and integrated it into Live Update Anti Virus installing it on over 900 million PC’s worldwide in 2017.

Netflix ----first Business Development consultant---closed IBM as the first Partner January 1997

Trufina – Created TruFina to help online Daters checkout their virtual date before meeting them face to face in 2003.

MyPublicInfo – founded the company to give the consumer the ability for them to do a background check on themselves. Winner of numerous red herring awards www.RedHerring.com  with several patents pending in 2006.

IdentitySweep – Launched this identity protection service and licensed it to some of the biggest brands in the Identity Theft Marketplace. Garnered three Red Herring Awards as one of the Top 100 Technology Companies in North America in 2007.

Lifelock – Recruited as V.P. Sales to reconstruct their field sales organization in 2009.

Trueseal – Healthcare fraud is a $350 Billion a year problem. Trueseal is under development and has the ability to stop 20% of this fraud. Specifically it can stop Card Sharing & Phantom billing. Trueseal is launching in Q4 2018. See TrueSealMe.com .

Real Care for Wounded Warriors ( www.ww.care  ) - —Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer

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