My Process



Have a great idea and not sure what to do next? 

Run it through Pat's Creative Brain Meter (PCBM) and he will come back with ideas that will make your concept FLY. If your idea needs tweaking, he'll tell you what won't work about it and why.  As you describe your new product or service, it has to pass the 'Who Cares or So What?" test. Pat is a master of that and his reaction will be the starting point of making your idea pertinent and sellable. Pat’s take on Management:

Was this your idea? Have you validated it with anyone yet? Who is on your team? Who is running the business? Who is selling the product?

Pat’s take on The Business Model (How do you make money?):

Is the business “transactional” where customers pay once and take the product with them OR is it a “subscription" model where customers pay a recurring charge OR is it “Razors and Blades” where the business gives away a product to create a market for complimentary products? Pat’s take on 'Who buys what you’re selling?':

What is your product? Who are your customers? Why do customers want it? How do you know? How do they get it? Is your product a 'vitamin or a pain killer' or in other words, is it a “nice to have" or a “must have”? Pat’s take on the Money

Who is going to fund the building out of your idea? Are you self-funded, looking for capital or have enough on hand to get started?